Engineering is the TRINITY difference!

TRINITY is different from the many trading companies that have flooded the market with untested, cheap imported pumps in recent years. TRINITY is a pump engineering company that identifies and solves  short-comings and problems with current pumps and related equipment. Using our experienced engineering and in-depth testing capabilities, TRINITY works closely with the end-user to develop improvements that extend the life of the pumps, make them more efficient, or eliminates equipment failures from preventable operator error.

Even though many of our components are sourced overseas, they are produced to our exacting specifications, undergo extensive testing, and include many proprietary features.

All of this adds up to lower cost of ownership and higher productivity for the end user – you!


New Product Development

Our most well-known product improvement today has been the use of TRILOY XTREME to extend the life of blender pumps in the fracking industry. We have many other new products in development or already in the market. Click on the images below to explore two of them in more detail.


Mechanical Seal Protection


Do you have a pump related engineering issue you would like TRINITY to explore?

Challenge us to find a solution!