Applied now the exclusive distributor of TRINITY 12×14 pumps

Applied Industrial Technologies is now the exclusive, nationwide distributor of our TRILOY XTREME™ 12×14 pumps.

September 16th, 2016More »

TRINITY 12×14 Pumps Available Through Applied

TP 12×14 pumps are now available through Applied Industrial Technologies in the Bakken Region.

October 15th, 2015More »

All Pumps Available in Your Company Color

Our TP 12×14 (14x12x22 blender pump), TP 10×12 (10x12x22 blender pump), and all of our TP 2500C centrifugal pumps can be delivered with custom paint to match your company colors, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

July 17th, 2015More »

TP-2500C Centrifugal Pumps

TP-2500C pumps are fully interchangeable with the MCM 250 series and the Mission 2500 series centrifugal pumps.

June 10th, 2015More »

10x12x22 Frac Pumps Now Available

TRINITY has recently added the 10x12x22 blender pump to its catalog of pumps for oil & gas exploration

June 1st, 2015More »

Another Reliability Improvement on the 14x12x22

TRINITY has taken another leap forward in improving the reliability of the 14x12x22 blender pump.

May 29th, 2015More »