TP 12x14 (NOV alternative)

The Smart Alternative…TP 12×14 Centrifugal Pumps

The TP 12×14 centrifugal pumps are setting a new standard for heavy duty centrifugal pumps. These pumps are taking the industrial centrifugal pump value proposition to a new high. TRINITY Pumpworks is using advanced manufacturing technologies and material sciences to extend the service life of single stage centrifugal pumps that handle abrasive slurries with high sand content, such as oil and gas fracking operations.

Our pump impellers and wear plates are manufactured utilizing high chrome base material with TRILOY XTREME critical duty pump armor added for additional wear performance in demanding applications.

The Trinity TP 12×14 series pumps and parts are completely interchangeable with NOV Mission 14x12x22 Magnum XP and MCM XL 12x14x22 single stage pumps.

We look forward to talking to you about proven designs, some of the fastest delivery times in the industry, advanced materials, and pricing levels that will please even the most demanding purchasing agents.

In addition to supplying whole pumps and spare parts, TRINITY performs inspections, repair & rebuild services, and testing.

Heavy Duty Pedestal – TRINITY frames are manufactured from cast iron for high strength and durability to withstand high piping loads.

Casing – The TRINITY centrifugal pump has been beefed up in critical wear areas for extra life. The concentric housing eliminates vibration, turbulence, cavitation, and reduces bearing load and shaft deflection.

Impeller (Open Vane Design) – TRINITY open vane impeller design is engineered to reduce turbulence, eliminate recirculation, lower radial and thrust loads, and provide a smooth flow of fluid through the pump.

Wear Plates – The TRINITY pump casing comes with replaceable wear plates. This feature reduces the maintenance costs of housing replacement by merely replacing the wear plates.

Shearing Ring – TRINITY offers a shearing ring option to convert a regular centrifugal pump to a shearing pump for special mud applications.

Mechanical Seals – TRINITY takes pride in carrying one of the finest mechanical seals on the market, whether it be Tungsten-Tungsten, Tungsten-Silicone, or Silicone-Carbide. They come with a highly polished sealing faced and with piton bellows and stainless steel springs.

Pump Bearings – TRINITY uses nothing but the best and the finest bearings in its pumps. The outboard bearing assembly consists of a pair of angular contact bearings with high thrust load ratings and zero end play. The heavy duty inboard bearing is a double row ball bearing with high radial load ratings to compensate for the larger size impellers and heavy duty applications.

Labyrinth Seals (optional) – TRINITY installs labyrinth seals by customer request in all its pumps to isolate the bearings from harmful contaminants while keeping bearings lubricated.

Now available with Mechanical Seal Oiler!