Critical Duty Pumps for Horizontal Directional Drilling & Well Stimulation

HDD Pumps. TRINITY is one of only two companies in the world who manufacture a line of reciprocating pumps designed exclusively for use in Horizontal Directional Drilling.

  • Piston assemblies are uniquely designed for even wear and extended life
  • High performance liners are available in ceramic, chrome and zirconia
  • Main Housing is fabricated 100% from high strength steel plate
  • Full open valve technology reduces fluid velocities and smoother flow and pump operation
  • Force fed internal lubrication system
  • Precision roll bearings throughout

Centrifugal Pumps. Our centrifugal pumps incorporate new proprietary technology to provide extended field performance for well stimulation and other places where highly abrasive slurries are pumped. These pumps are direct replacements for the most common frac pumps in use today.

TP 12×14. The longer lasting alternative to the NOV 14x12x22 blender pump.

  • The impeller and wear plates are protected by our proprietary TRILOY XTREME critical duty pump armor for the industry’s most productive frac pump
  • The diameter of impeller-end shaft threads and locking nut has been increased to help avoid shaft breakage and reduce the chance of a resulting catastrophic impeller failure.



TP 10×12. The high performance alternative to the Goulds JC 10x12x22 blender pump.

  • These pumps are manufactured to our exacting specifications to provide you with the most reliable frac pump in the market.


TP-2500C. This heavy duty centrifugal pump has been designed for the toughest jobs in oil and water well drilling and other industrial applications.

  • Excellent alternative to the MCM 250 series and Mission 2500 series pumps
  • Now with TRILOY XTREME™ critical duty pump armor

Now Available in Compact Sizes. These pumps feature all of the benefits of the TP-2500C in a reduced overall footprint to match your needs.

  • Compare with MCM Mud Master and Mission Sandmaster pumps
  • Designed specifically for fracking operations

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