Impeller Shaft Redesign


Market: Oil & Gas

Region: U.S.

Client Challenge: 12x 14 blender pump failure due to loss of impeller nut and shaft breakage.

TRINITY Solution: The nut and threads holding the impeller onto the shaft were redesigned to provide a stronger shaft-end. In addition, a new method of locking the nut onto the shaft was developed to reduce the chance of the nut becoming lose.

Processes & Technology: Proprietary


Extreme Abrasion Resistant Blender Pump

Market: Oil & Gas – Drilling – Completion & Stimulation

Region: SA Shale Plays

Client Challenge: One of largest operational problems facing the fracking industry today is the constant erosion of blender pump components caused by abrasive fracking fluid (containing sand and ceramic components), which delays operations until the pumps can be replaced, resulting in lost run time and lost profits.

TRINITY Solution: Conventional blender pumps are either cast from inexpensive low wear ductile iron or higher wear resistance high chrome metallurgy. TRINITY has developed a new proprietary hard coating technology that far exceeds the wear life of the high chrome. The new TRILOY XTREME™ pump armor doubles the life of the pumps wear components, resulting less downtime and higher profits.

Processes & Technologies: Proprietary


Custom Spare Parts for Rapid Delivery

Market: Infrastructure – Horizontal Directional Drilling – Spare Parts

Region: USA

Client challenge: An OEM with concerns about spare parts quality, price and delivery times from a distributor of Asian pumps prompts contact with TRINITY Pumpworks to explore potential solutions.

TRINITY Solution: Reproduction, modification and enhancement of critical wear part; rapid first article production in excess of 30 pieces; cost savings, improved materials, 3 week delivery time.

Processes & Technologies: Reverse Engineering, FEA, 3D Measuring, SolidWorks 3D, CNC Machining, Heat Treat, Hard Chrome, Honing, Hardness Tester, Magnetic Thickness Tester

“There is no such thing as an insolvable problem. What appears to be an impossible problem is merely a temporary roadblock to ingenuity.” –Walter Burke


“Problems are only opportunities in work clothes.” – Henry Kaiser (American industrialist)

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