TRINITY TP-2500C Pumps are the
lower cost, high performance alternative
to the Mission 2500


Toughest Pumps for the Toughest Applications

The TRINITY TP 2500C centrifugal pumps are designed for use in some of the most demanding industrial processes, including desanding, desilting, and mud processing in oil exploration. Wherever the MCM 250 series or Mission 2500 series centrifugal pumps are used, the TP 2500C will meet or exceed your expectations.
  • Available in 8 different sizes
  • Ductile iron or high chrome fluid end assemblies
  • Now available with TRILOY XTREME critical wear coating on the impeller and wear plates
  • Mechanical seals are standard on all of our TP 2500C pumps
The TP 2500C series pumps is also available in a compact design which has all of the features of the standard model, but with a more compact frame design for use where space is at a premium. These pumps are designed specifically for use on oil field frac trucks as well as blending and pump charging for water well drilling.
  • All 8 sizes available
  • Completely interchangeable with Mission Sandmaster and MCM Mud Master pumps

Critical Design Features

Heavy Duty Pedestal – TRINITY prides itself in manufacturing a heavy-duty, cast iron frame for high strength and durability.

Casing – The TP-2500C has beefed up critical wear areas for extra life. The concentric housing eliminates vibration, turbulence, cavitation, and reduces bearing load and shaft deflection.*

Impeller – The TRINITY open vane impeller design is engineered to reduce turbulence, eliminate recirculation, lower radial and thrust loads, and provide a smooth flow through the pump. Now available with TRILOY XTREME™ critical duty pump armor for extended life in pumping highly abrasive material.*

Wear Pads – The TP-2500C pump casing comes with replaceable wear pads in sizes 3 x 4 x 13 inches through 8 x 10 x 14 inches. This feature reduces the maintenance costs of housing replacement be merely replacing the wear pads.*

Shearing Ring – TRINITY offers a shearing ring option to convert a regular centrifugal pump to a shearing pump for special mud applications.

Mechanical Seals – All TP-2500C pumps come with the finest mechanical seals on the market, with highly polished sealing face and with piton bellows and stainless steel springs.

Pump Bearings – TRINITY uses only the best and finest bearings in its pumps. The outboard bearing assembly consists of a pair of angular contact bearings with high thrust load ratings and zero end play. The heavy duty inboard bearing is a double row ball bearing with high radial load ratings to compensate for the larger size impellers and heavy duty applications.

Shaft – The TP-2500C shaft is manufactured from the highest quality alloy steel and is designed to transmit the maximum torque with minimum shaft deflection.

Shaft Sleeve –The TP-2500C shaft sleeve is manufactured from 416 stainless steel and is ceramic coated (optional) for extra life. The sleeve is designed to protect the shaft from abrasive fluids.

Stuffing Box – The TP-2500C stuffing box cover is designed to combine the functions of the wear plate and stuffing box of conventional pumps into a piece-replaceable unit.


*Contact Us for base material and TRILOY XTREME™ coating options on impeller, casing, and wear pad.


Contact Us for base material and TRILOY XTREME™ coating options on impeller (14), housing (15), and wear pad (15b).