Critical Duty Pump Armor

TRILOY XTREME™ is TRINITY’s proprietary critical duty pump armor that was developed to extend the life of pumps used in the fracking industry and other applications where highly abrasive material is pumped utilizing centrifugal pumps. The TRILOY XTREME™ critical duty pump armor is applied to high chrome impellers and wear plates and is proven to more than double the useful life of these components. The high chrome, which serves as the substrate, is the industry standard and is typically 56-57 HRC. Adding our TRILOY XTREME™ with a 70-71 HRC extends the life of the blender pumps by over 200%.


Triloy Comparison

These photos of actual 22” impellers illustrate the longer life achieved by using our TRILOY XTREME™. The green arrows and ghost image indicate the original impeller size. The TRILOY XTREME™ impeller ran twice as long but shows less than 20% as much wear as the standard high-chrome impeller without TRILOY XTREME™.



TRILOY XTREME™ is also used to armor the wear plates in the blender pumps to extend the full life of the pump. The photo below on the left shows a worn ductile iron front wear plate with typical tungsten coating. The photo on the right is a high chrome front wear plate that was armor plated with TRILOY XTREME™. After running for 1096 hours, the original high chrome surface is just starting to be exposed to the abrasive slurry.

TRILOY PDF 13mar2015 work
TRILOY PDF 13mar2015 work

TRINITY is continuously working with its customers to develop new applications for its TRILOY XTREME™ pump armor and to improve the durability of its pumps and pump parts. Contact Us to discuss how we can solve your pump problems.